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No-charge web service by Josepi for webmasters. It allows webmasters to improve their websites.

free bootstrap css

Learn Bootstrap:

Create bootstrap button.
Create bootstrap contact form.
Social Media fontawsome Icon .
Bootstrap CSS.
Create bootstrap accordion.
How to position text in a cell of a table.


Domain Checker Widget:

Easy installation on your website
Copy & paste link anywhere on your website.

josepi store qr code

Free QR Code Generator:

Encrypt your HTML files
Save your data from hackers.

Josepi Flag Counter

Free Flag Counter Generator:

Web counter generator
World Flag Counter
Vistors online status.
counter widget for your website.

online word counter

Online Word Counter:

Word counters are a perfect tool for webmasters
Check your Title length
Check your meta description length
keep a count of your words and characters,.

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