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create vs build


What is the difference between Create a Website and Build a Website using builders?

Thousands of companies are offering FREE WEBSITE BUILDERS!
Free domain, Free Hosting, Free website, etc..
This can sound like a great idea, you get to build a website yourself, and free or low cost

Lot of good reasons why you should stay far far away from these companies.
THEY own your website! You may own the domain, but that is just a URL, all the code that runs your website belongs to someone else.

Let me explain it to you in a simple way, to find out the huge difference between create and build.

I consider using a website builder, is similar to renting an apartment in a building.
Do you prefer to rent an apartment or have your own house?
I am sure about your answer....
If you invite some friends or visitors to visit you at home,  you will give them the address, which is the building address, and the apt number and your name.
So all your visitors go to the building first, means all traffic goes to the building owner first, then looking for the apt number which is a part of the building, then you.
You is the your domain name (its yours- only if paid), the apartment number is your website (usually same design as your next door), the apartment is the builder software, the building is the hosting company.
What are your limits as a renter?

  • Can you move a wall?
    NO, but you can add a wallpaper
  • Can you change the floor?
    NO, but you can add a carpet
  • Can you open a new window?
    NO, but you can use a fan or AC
  • More examples and the answer is always no.

By the end if you stop paying the rent for any reason, the landlord will kick you out.
and all what you get is your furniture, which is your photos and some articles that you uploaded to your website.

Since they own the site they make the rules. They can decide what you can and can not do with the site.

But as a house owner, all visitors comes to you directly, the address is yours, the building is yours, the apartment is yours, the furniture is yours.
Moving, renting, selling, renovating anytime without any restrictions. You put your own rules. You are the Boss.


If your Webmaster recommend you Wordpress or similar as a first option.
  • So he is not a Web Designer, he is a Wordpress Designer
  • So he don't know how to code a page from scratch
  • So he has not enough experience with SEO
  • In Brief a copy & Paste person will not help you to grow up online

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