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How to Write Good Web Page Titles

What is a Page Title?

The title of the web page is the exactly like the title of a paper. It serves to summarize the content so the user understands what the web page is about. The page title is set in the "title" tag that is nested in the "head" tag of the HTML document. On this page, you can see the page title in the tab of your browser. Of course, browsers shrink each tabs to make room for other tabs, but even a truncated page title can help the user locate the tab for your page if they have opened other tabs. More importantly, search engines use page titles in the search results. The page's title is often shown first for each record in the search engine results pages. As you can see in the example below, setting the web page's title is a very simple.

<title> How to Write Good Web Page Titles </title>

Why Write Good Page Titles?

Writing a page title is extremely important to attract users. In fact, your page title is arguably your best marketing asset. When a user is searching for a keyword or phrase, they will first scan page titles in the search engine results to see which web page is a good match. If you have a poor title, they are likely to choose another web page. Depending on how well your web pages rank in the search results, you could be losing hundreds to thousands of visitors simply because of a poor page title. Additionally, a least a small part of ranking higher in search results is having a title relevant to the users query. If you can write a good title that contains keywords that people often search for, you are likely to receive more traffic from search engines.

Writing Good Page Titles

Basically, a good page title consists of a few elements, but the most important aspect of a web page's title is its ability to persuade users to visit your web page.

Best Page Title Length

The minimum number of characters that you should use in your web page's title is at least 10 characters. However, this is very low and should only be used in rare circumstances. With web page title lengths, it is usually better for the title to be close to the maximum number of characters, which is about 70 characters. This is the maximum number of characters because browsers will truncate the rest of the title, which might leave the user confused.

Summarizing the Page's Content

The page title should concisely describe the page's content. Your website's reputation will be crushed if you have spammy titles. Users will visit your web pages based on your title, see that you tricked them, and never return. It is important that you use the most relevant keyword or phrase in your title, but a web page title must also summarize the entire page's content.

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