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Provide Social Sharing Options
Social Sharing Options

Social sharing options simply refer to elements on a particular web page that allow the users to share that resource to people they are connected to on the social media site. Social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, LinkedIn, and Delicious allow users to share links whenever they make posts. However, some social media websites like Reddit, StumbleUpon, and Digg are particularly devoted to link sharing. StumbleUpon actually forces users to visit a particular web page, while a large portion of Reddit's posts are simply links to a web page.

Why Use Social Sharing Options?

A connection to social media can drive a consistent amount of traffic to your website, but the best part of social media is that it serves interested content to its users based on their interests or connections. For example, Facebook has a home page that generally shows a person their friends' activity. Since they are friends, that person is probably somewhat interested in what their friends have to say. If their friend likes a website or shares its URL, the person would be much more likely to visit that link.

Social Networks Are Advertising Mediums

Essentially, every communication between two individuals contains aspects of advertising. People want to be heard and want others to be interested in the same things that they are. This is precisely the reason that word-of-mouth advertising is the most effective type of advertising. The message that is advertised carries the reputation of that individual, which makes the person who hears the message more likely to check out the resource being advertised. Additionally, when two individuals have a conversation the message is tailored to the interest of both parties. How many conversations have you had that just sound like two individuals quoting advertisements? You probably haven't had too many. Instead, the advertisements are more subtle and related to the topic being discussed. Thus, the advertisement is perfectly constructed for the individual in that situation.
The Tiny Cost of Providing Social Sharing Options

Another exciting proposition of providing social sharing options is that it requires very little effort. Simply find the URLs that take the individual to the social media website's sharing page, and then insert the link on your website. Another alternative is to use a third party solution that is some simple JavaScript that you paste onto your page. After the initial work is complete, visitors can begin sharing your web pages. As you can see, the burden of work rests more on your visitors than on you or your developers.

How to Provide Social Sharing Options
Links to Social Media

As previously mentioned, you can provide links to the social media website's sharing page. Here is a list of sample URLs with instructions on how to modify them to share your web page: SEO Analysis

For all of the links except Twitter, you simply just need to change to your web page. Twitter is neat because it allows you to provide the text of the tweet. So, anything after the "status=" can be text advertising your web page. Of course, make sure you include your web page's URL somewhere in the tweet and that tweets can only be so many characters. Of course, other social media websites exist, such as LinkedIn. If you can't find the URL to the social media website's share page, simply putting the URL to the social media website puts the user one step closer to sharing your page.

Social Media Sharing Tools

An excellent tool to combine all of these sharing options into one simply section of code is Other tools certainly exist, but allows you to customize which social media platforms you want your users to use. It allows you to track the shares on your pages to each social media platform. Ultimately, choosing a third party always has its drawbacks, but it is arguably simpler than finding the social sharing URLs and placing them on you website. However, with a little more work implementing the social sharing tool yourself, you can have absolute control and tracking over your social media shares.

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