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How to Write a Good Description?

web description

What is a Web Page Description?

A web page's description is concise sentence about the content contained in the page. Sometimes, you might need two sentences, but this is rare, and more than two sentences for a page description is probably too long. As of today, we are still smarter than computers. This is precisely why when you search for something, the search engines display several records that are relevant to your query instead of taking you immediately to the best web page. These records usually contain the page title and its URL. Below those, you find a body of text that describes the page's content. Often, this text is found in the web page's head tag. More specifically, it is found in the content attribute of the <meta name="description">. The meta description for this page is:

<meta name="description" content="How to write a good description for your web page consists of several factors such as length and quality.">

Why Write a Good Description?

Writing a good description serves one purpose for two different audiences (users and search engines). As previously mentioned, search engines usually display your meta description whenever your web page is shown in the search results. Users can read the description to quickly determine if they link is relevant to their search. Thus, your description serves as a marketing tool to attract visitors to your website. Search engines also use descriptions to help determine the context of the page. Their ranking algorithms are still believe to use the meta description along with the page content to determine placement in search engines result pages. So, if you want to people to visitor your website from search engines, you need to write awesome descriptions for your pages.

Creating a Description

You have already seen how a meta description looks and how to write the structure of one. Also, you know that it goes somewhere in the head tag. Now, all you need to do is create a great description about your page's content. It is a pretty good idea to write a meta description that does contain the same context or words that are in your page's content. For example, if you had a page about the history "information theory", you would probably want to mention in the description this page is about the history of information theory. Of course, you will need to elaborate just a little bit more about the page until your description is a concise summary. It is highly recommended that descriptions be somewhere between 100 and 160 characters for search engines to display them correctly. Anything much over 160 characters risks the chance of being truncated. Meta Descriptions that are less than 100 characters probably fail to capture the context of the web page.

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