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How to Increase your Website Traffic ?

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Why Increase Website Traffic?

If you don't want more traffic to your website, what is the point of having a public website? However, if you do want to discover the best ways to increase traffic to your website continue reading. Increasing traffic improves your website's reputation by having more people that see your content. This traffic most likely will contain some other webmasters or content managers from other websites, which gives your website the possibility of receiving a backlink. If the content on your website is of great quality, even short bursts of traffic can bring more traffic with it.

Search Engines Traffic

Search engines have the greatest possibility to drive large and consistent amounts of traffic to your website. The primary purpose of a search engine is to locate the best websites that match a user's query. Essentially, if you have great content related to that query, search engines want visitors to visit your website. The entire intention of Site SEO Analysis is to help you rank higher in search engine results pages, which will result in more traffic, through optimization. To improve your website's SEO, use our SEO analysis tool to get recommendations for how to improve your web pages and read other websites about SEO.

Referral Traffic

After you start building backlinks from other websites, you will begin to see referral traffic pouring into your website. Sometimes referral traffic flows rapidly and other times it gives absolutely no traffic. Ultimately, this depends upon the placement of your link and the popularity of that web page that is linking to your page. If you are unsure of the best ways to build backlinks, you can read the article How to Build Backlinks.

Social Media

Social media provides a huge opportunity to drive traffic to your website. However, it rarely turns out this easy. What typically happens is that a webmaster or content manager is told that they can get traffic by using social media. Then, they make Facebook and Twitter pages with a couple of posts every so often, but they never receive any more traffic. Well, there are a few issues with just creating accounts and making posts. Webmasters and content managers need to get the ball rolling by getting people to like their page and making their posts interactive or some way to stand out from other social media profiles.

While Facebook and twitter are the top social media websites, they are not always the best for social media campaigns. People get on Facebook to connect with friends and family. On Twitter, people read tweets from those they respect. Of course, a website can get traffic once someone's friend likes their page or retweets their tweet, but individuals are less likely to spend the effort going to the resource if it isn't very applicable to them at the moment. For instance, if Site SEO Analysis was to get many different people to "Like" our page at 7:00pm on a weekday, even people interested in SEO might not want to read about it at that time.

From many years of experience in increasing website traffic through social media, Reddit and StumbleUpon are by far more rewarding than Twitter or Facebook. We believe this to be a direct result of the purpose of these websites. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, the two websites are constructed to be precisely about sharing web pages and other information. StumbleUpon is unique in that it forces people to web pages based on their interest, and if your web page liked by many individuals, an exponential increase of visitors will arrive at your web page. Reddit can also be powerful when your web page is "upvoted" enough times that it stays on the front page of a category for a while, which again drives a large amount of traffic to your web page.

Paid Traffic

Paid traffic essentially promises to deliver traffic to your website as long as you keep providing the money to do so. These are typically more useful for companies with a significant advertising budget, but smaller companies can certainly use them. Before you jump into paid traffic, do some research about how to get the most interested visitors for the least amount of money. The real problem with paid advertising is that you pay a decent amount of money for a visitor who leaves in a few seconds, which is just a waste of your advertising dollars. We won't go into detail about the best ways to start a paid traffic campaign, but a Google search should return several excellent articles on how to do this.

Direct Traffic

Direct Traffic is rather broad and essentially refers to any other way people found your website. They could have heard a friend mention it your web page in an email, saw it on an advertisement, visited it through their bookmarks, etc. The ways to increase your website's direct traffic are too numerous to list. While we won't list them all, you can easily create your own list that is the most applicable to you to get more direct traffic. Here are some examples:

Include the URL in your email signature
Put a sticker on your car with the URL
Write the URL on your shirt
Ride public transportation and scream out your URL every minute
Name your firstborn child the URL
Tattoo the URL on your forehead
Scream your URL over a news' anchors shoulder on a live broadcast

While everything on that list is not advisable, you should get the general idea. You simply just need to think of any possible way to mention your website to people. With almost every one having access to the internet at a moment's notice, mentioning your website at any time is not a terrible idea. However, you should understand that a broad audience is less likely to visit your website as opposed to a group of people in your target market.

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